City Garage

Trash Collection
Trash is collected twice per week.*
Route A - Monday and Thursday
Route B - Tuesday and Friday
*Trash and recycling collection will not be conducted on major holidays and will resume regular scheduled pick-up times following the holiday.  See calendar on the homepage for a list of holidays.

 Garbage Cans Available at City Garage
95 gal. $25
65 gal. (lightweight can) $20

 For more information on your route schedule, please contact the City Garage.

Recycling Collection

Recycling is collected twice per month.
Route A - first and third Wednesday of each month
Route B - second and fourth Wednesday of each month

Recycling tubs may be picked up at the City Garage Monday-Friday 8am-3pm.
First recycling tub is available at no cost. 
Additional tubs may be purchased for $7.50 each.
Community Clean-Up
April is community cleanup month.  
No-cost dumpster use is available to residents* based on availability***.  3-yard or 6 -yard dumpsters are provided for 3 days** of use.
*Residential use only.  Dumpsters shall not be used for commercial property or rental property.
**3-day rental does not include holidays
***Reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis.
community cleanup
Bulk Disposal
Large household items may be disposed of at the City Garage. 
This is a free service for residential use only (no contractors, no landlords, no commercial property).  There is a nominal fee for tire disposal.
Call for pricing information. 
Please call for commercial and non-resident pricing.
Mulch Program
Free non-dyed, untreated mulch is available to residents in June (based on availability).  Pick-up times are Wednesdays 4pm-8pm throughout the summer.*
*based on availability.
Please contact the City Garage for more information. 
Curbside Placement of Carts
Carts should be clear (4 ft. min.) of all objects.
The cart handle should be facing your home and numbers on the cart facing the street.
Placement of carts
What can be put in your bin for curbside recycling?
Corrugated cardboard: clean and broken down, NO pizza boxes
Mixed paper:  newspaper, office paper, magazines, junk mail, phone books, paperboard (cereal boxes, etc.).  NO waxed cartons
Glass food jars and bottles:  any color, no plate glass
Aluminum cans:  rinsed and smashed
Metal cans (tin):  food cans, rinsed clean
#1 and #2 Plastic bottles:  neck must be smaller than the base, NO tubs, No oil containers, NO bags, NO films