Public Relations

The Community Relations Office of the Lawrenceburg Police Department provides public information to local and national media personnel; conducts news conferences and interviews; and provides timely and accurate information about department-related activities and programs.

LPD continues its mission to maintain close relationships with the public and the local news media. This website assists us in our venture to serve the public and offer information to the people of this community of important LPD events and press releases. These events will be listed on our home page.

The Lawrenceburg Police Department is strongly committed to serving our citizens, not only through enforcement, but also education, crime prevention and community involvement.

If you need a guest speaker in any of the following categories, please contact the Lawrenceburg Police Department at (812) 537-2284.

  • Police K-9
  • Drug Prevention
  • Safety (All Topics)
  • Motorcycle Rodeos
  • Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Police Department Tours