How Do I...

  1. Contact the Staff

    Contact the city's administrative staff.

  2. Find Building Forms

  3. Find Zoning Forms

    Review various Zoning and Building department forms.

  4. Get a Drug Card (PDF)

    All residents are eligible for this free drug card.

  5. Participate in City Events

    Review monthly city-wide events.

  6. Pay My Utilities Online

    Pay monthly utility bills online.

  7. Read New Releases

    Sign up to receive local news releases.

  1. Rent Agner Hall

    Rent Agner Hall

  2. Sign Up for Important City Alerts

    Learn how to sign up to receive important city alerts to your cell phone.

  3. Sign Up for News Notifications

    Sign up to receive news notifications from the city.

  4. Visit City Parks

    Review the different parks available in the city.

  5. Seek Employment with the City

  6. Request my event be displayed on US 50 sign

    Message board is for non-profit organizations only. Please limit message to 150 characters. Please complete linked requisition.